Upcoming events

On Thursday the 28th of November 2019 we will host a 'Members & friends' year end drink. On Wednesday the 29th of January 2020 our next N2WE event will take place; 'The Power of Lis...

What makes N2WE different?

  • Not a Marketing initiative! (real D&I)

  • Not just for women of color, but intended to bring together non-native women from a broad variety of backgrounds!

  • Strengthened empowerment for non-native women in their (new) society through the inclusion of their ambassadors, including native women and men as well as like-minded organizations!

  • Open dialogue and two-way traffic which enables learning from each other!

  • Inspire, learn from each other, and provide functional and practical support. Put the network to work and connect people!

  • Solid network support both physically as well as virtually through our membership community online and social media presence.