Upcoming events

On Thursday the 28th of November 2019 we will host a 'Members & friends' year end drink. On Wednesday the 29th of January 2020 our next N2WE event will take place; 'The Power of Lis...

Why N2WE?

Our rationale for founding N2WE is grounded in the increase of highly educated non-native women seeking to establish themselves in their new country of residence.

While acknowledging unique personal circumstances, certain similarities can be detected: 

  • They left their country,
  • They left their family (often without their support), 
  • They often do not speak the language (sufficiently),
  • They have no network of supporters championing their development,
  • They face cultural challenges from their new and their own society,
  • They work extremely hard & get their grades and then... 

All too often, highly competent non-native women find themselves being rejected from jobs due to a spelling error in their motivation letter, an insufficient grasp of their 'new language', a perceived inability to grasp the intricacies of their 'new home market' , and a seeming lack of confidence. Moreover, upon starting their job, they might face a number of challenges and be confronted with prejudice, as the representation of women from a non-native background is still lacking in many organizations today.

It is our firm conviction that the eradication of these obstacles is long overdue to allow non-native women to advance in their careers and create a diverse, mutually enriching and stimulating work force.

In other words: we are targeting ambitious, highly qualified women from a non-native background to accelerate their empowerment and provide guidance in their careers.